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Toxic Terrain (The Executioner, #390) Darwin Holmstrom

Toxic Terrain (The Executioner, #390)

Darwin Holmstrom

Published May 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781459202306
192 pages
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 About the Book 

The badlands of North Dakota become a war zone when a former Pentagon researcher stumbles across a Chinese terrorist plot to unleash deadly prions into the countrys largest supply of cattle feed. With Americas food chain and the lives of millions in jeopardy, Mack Bolan knows he must shut down the organization--and it has to happen fast.But with the local authorities on the enemys payroll, and an army of mercenaries tracking his every move, theres no safe place for Bolan. Heavy fire power alone will not win this fight--Bolan must rely on his battle instincts if hes going to prevent tragedy. The Executioner will risk everything to succeed...because if he fails, the United States may never recover.