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Blame Vol. 10 (Blame) Tsutomu Nihei

Blame Vol. 10 (Blame)

Tsutomu Nihei

ISBN : 9784063143287
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 About the Book 

This dark, gritty, alienating, violent cyberpunk manga is really good. The artist Nihei is really gifted to draw buildings and he creates an empty world left with never ending growing buildings, metallic structures, and deadly creatures out to get you. The structures and the Safeguards who were once protecting the population, are now out of control and kill everyone on sight, due to a virus the population was exposed to. Killy is set to find a person whose genes (Net Terminal Genes) are uncorrupted by the virus in order to get back the control over the structures and the Safeguards since only such a person can access the control center. During that time the Silicones, the official bad guys, keep causing troubles and want to stop Killy. Thankfully, Killy is a powerful cyborg and makes friend along the way with Cibo a scientist.The manga has barely any dialogue, Blame! is the kind of manga where you really have to pay attention to each image and even reread a few times the manga in order to really understand what is going on. I think it is worth it.This is my review for the whole manga.