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Tactics (Mind Warriors, #4) Sharon Green

Tactics (Mind Warriors, #4)

Sharon Green

Enter the sum

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Think of this one as the Rimilian interlude - we are there from the beginning to the end but I have the feeling we are soon going to be leaving again.I kind of feel like this one kind of suffered from a lack of editing. It is very well-written, the formatting is no issue, but the story just lacks any sort of drama at all. Jilin may be a strange visitor from another planet but you start to wonder if that planet isnt actually Krypton. There just isnt any real danger anywhere. Every time she runs into a problem she either handles it or develops a new ability that allows her to handle it. I did start to wonder if yahoo was a placeholder that didnt get changed during the search and replace.The Revenas takedown was going to happen after what we learned. But I was really looking forward to the Hamarda. It was a bit disappointing when it was a bunch of losers we had never seen before though. I am hoping this means that Tammad and Kednin had had a little discussion - or better yet, Terry and Kednin.All the talking of Bonding sent me back to Book 1 to read what exactly happened. She did react pretty strongly but at the time it seemed like it was just one of those llenda mind tricks. I think that Vennias has pretty much done everything he can to make up for the stupid things he did at the beginning - I cant imagine he thinks he will ever see Jilin in an imad and caldin again - but the Bond is going to have to be broken somehow before she will fully learn to trust him. Although I would think he might want to cut down on the threats of switching.Halfway through - and still a long way to go.