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Tres Hombres Tricia Bracher

Tres Hombres

Tricia Bracher

Kindle Edition
154 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dolly Allen left behind one photograph. She left behind one story. She left her baby behind in Arizona to find a city by the sea in California. It was 1885 and an eighteen year-old girl cant just run away on her own. Look at the photograph. She looks tired. She looks like a woman twice her age. She looks like a woman who never got over abandoning her child.You might have seen a movie where an Apache Indian saves a white woman. You might have read a book about a man they called Hombre. Please see that movie. If you get a chance, please read that book. Dolly Allen has done her best to tell her own story, and Ive done my best to tell you the rest of what I know. But I didnt have a lot to go on. Just a photograph and some old newspaper reports, and you know not to trust them.This is Dolly Allens last chance to find her son. If you know him, please ask him to read this. Tell him his mothers still looking for him. Tell him to meet her in Contention City where this whole thing got started.