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Sweet Tooth Diva Devotions Kathy Frady

Sweet Tooth Diva Devotions

Kathy Frady

Kindle Edition
135 pages
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 About the Book 

Tempting treats abound in women’s lives. Whether its donuts at the office or cookies in the kitchen cabinets, women must fight to survive in a world filled with sweet delights. But, oh, those sugary morsels taste so good! That first bite of heavily frosted chocolate cake soothes a gal like nothing else can! Faced with a world filled with refined sugar and dripping in chocolate, what’s a girl to do?Sweet Tooth Diva Devotions to Go offers a month of humorous stories about women and their never ending conflict with desserts. Each devotion includes a Scripture that relates to sweets and a recipe for a low fat, low calorie sweet treat.Kathy Frady continues her healthy life style of being a Sweet Tooth Diva. She’s kept off the 50 pounds she lost in 2005 and continues to make healthy dessert choices. She and her husband, John, live in Louisiana.