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Myra - Full Circle Myra Zhivanevskaya

Myra - Full Circle

Myra Zhivanevskaya

Published June 15th 2012
Kindle Edition
119 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Her Master’s world was in crumbling ruin. Divorced by his wife, estranged from his family, lost to the grip of cocaine. The man she relies on is set to lose all.Myra is torn from her Master’s care by the circumstance of a drug overdose. Delivered into the hands of his elder brother. Shocked and frightened she tries to learn this new man twenty years her senior. A man who seeks to understand her and keep her for himself. Now she must choose between the man she left her country for, Frej a man of cruelty and lawlessness, or the successful Svend. However Myra is afraid to want for more, and she is ill prepared to become a wife to a man who is old enough to be her father.Myra must ultimately choose, will she return to the man who needs her help to recover his former self though he will never see her as more than an object? To descend with him on his path of destruction, or does she seek the protection and love of Svend as slave, and wife?Show moreShow