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Twig J.R. Wright


J.R. Wright

Published December 6th 2013
Kindle Edition
327 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

DUE TO THE SUBJECT MATTER AND SEXUAL CONTENT, THIS BOOK IS RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE READERS.This is the story of Willow Twig Olsen, a woman of scandinavian descent, who was trapped into an existance of traditional servitude for the first thirty eight years of her life, and what transpires after her last parent dies, and she is finally free to seek male companionship, as she has long desired. What happens thereafter is a whirlwind of unexpected events that lead to greed, deception, and eventually murder.This book goes far above and significantly deeper than any simple romance...or many suspense thrillers. Readers will be compelled to discover each detail- to keep turning the pages.This is a suspenseful thriller of beauty, tenderness, havoc, and calm, tossed together in chapters that electrify and stun.